A Javascript library for guided tours.

Great First-time User Experience

Delight your users with a great first-time user experience using Guiders.js.

Introduce the Website

Guiders are a great way to introduce visitors to your website. It brings a personal feel to the web.

Works Cross-Browser

Guiders.js works with all browser types and web backends, since it is a completely Javascript framework.

What is Guiders.js?

Guiders are a user experience design pattern for introducing users to a web application.

For more information, visit the website.

What is Super Source?

Super Source is platform for software projects to register their users and optionally sell licenses. These may be open source projects selling a commercial license for their entire project (dual licensing), a license for a pro version of their project (open core), or a non-open source project selling licenses for their project.

How much does it cost?

The price for an annual license varies based on how many people work for your company.

1 - 9 People
$5.00 / yr
10 - 49 People
$75.00 / yr
50 - 99 People
$150.00 / yr
100 - 249 People
$300.00 / yr
250 - 499 People
$600.00 / yr
500 - 999 People
$950.00 / yr
1,000 - 2,999 People
$1,900.00 / yr
More than 3,000 People
$2,900.00 / yr

A free trial is also available upon request.

What's the difference between an individual and organization license?

The individual license is for projects with only one person, like a hobby project. If you are part of a company, you will need to purchase an organization license for your organization's size.

What's the license?

The license is a pretty standard software license and can be viewed here.

Where can I find my license key?

After getting a license, the license key will be included in an email sent to you.