With Super Source, you'll see who's using your project.

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What is Super Source?

Super Source is a registration platform for your project. For too long, open source projects have been run blindly, without knowledge of even who's using it. With Super Source, you'll see who's using your project. Learn more.

How does it work?

After including Super Source in your project, your users will be asked to register their use once per company. There is both a command line tool and a website where users can register, and an online connection is only required once at the time of registration.

Can I sell licenses too?

Super Source also functions as a platform for paid licensing with either an open core, dual licensing, or public paid model. This gives a project consistent funding, allowing maintainers to earn a living from their work. Virtually all companies are willing to pay for software, and often are more comfortable using software from a financially supported project than an undersupported one. It means the project is sustainable and can reinvest in improvements.

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