Most efficient PNG compressor.

Great compression

Advanced quantization algorithm generates high-quality images that load up to 4 times faster.

Seamless integration

You can make pngquant deeply integrated with your app, speeding up image transfers and reducing storage space.

It's available as a native library with no external dependencies. It has an API for C/ObjC/C++/C# and any language that can call native code. Comes with dedicated object-oriented libraries for Java and Rust. Works on iOS.

Maximum compatibility

Images from pngquant are fully standards-compliant and work everywhere, so your users can save, edit and share images without installing any codecs.

The license includes technical support straight from the library's author.

Bonus! It includes license for the encoder that creates highest-quality GIFs using pngquant.

What is Pngquant?

A tool to reduce PNG file sizes (often as much as 70%). Generated images are compatible with all modern web browsers and operating systems out of the box. The compression is lossy, with configurable amount of loss, and fully preserves alpha transparency. Learn more at or GitHub.

Bonus! It includes license for the encoder that creates highest-quality GIFs using pngquant.

For more information, visit the website.

What is Super Source?

Super Source is platform for software projects to register their users and optionally sell licenses. These may be open source projects selling a commercial license for their entire project (dual licensing), a license for a pro version of their project (open core), or a non-open source project selling licenses for their project.

How much does it cost?

The price for an annual license varies based on how many people work for your company.

$950.00 / yr
1 - 9 People
$950.00 / yr
10 - 49 People
$1,250.00 / yr
50 - 99 People
$1,650.00 / yr
100 - 249 People
$2,450.00 / yr
250 - 499 People
$3,950.00 / yr
500 - 999 People
$9,950.00 / yr
1,000 - 2,999 People
$15,950.00 / yr
More than 3,000 People
$25,500.00 / yr

A free trial is also available upon request.

What's the license?

The license is a pretty standard software license and can be viewed here.

Where can I find my license key?

After getting a license, the license key will be included in an email sent to you.